A half day Tour of a spectacular uninhabited island with amazing crystal clear turquoise waters

1 - 7

Tour Description

We depart from the dock of Platis Gialos, head southwest and  after  8NM we reach the uninhabited island of Poliegos. If the weather is appropriate, we stop to the cave of Fanara with the crystal clear blue water and the beautiful colors on the volcanic walls. We then head south and we soon enter the bay of Faros. There we can admire the much photographed lighthouse of the island built in 1898.  We can swim in the bay and enjoy the turquoise waters as well as the small lake that is attracting wild goats

We then head to the southern end of the island till we enter the bay Kalogeroi. There are white and pink pebbles and beautiful rocks that surround the bay. We will soon enter the bay with the ruins of old mines of the island. We then head west. We will see the rocks in the shape of sailboats, and enter the caves with the boat to see the wonderful waters. We arrive at the beach of Mirsini where we can swim in the crystal clear and always calm waters.