Kimolos & Poliegos

A wonderful tour to spectacular Poliegos and traditional Kimolos

1 - 7

Tour Description

We depart from the dock of Platis Gialos, head southwest and enter the strait of Kitriani-Sifnos. After approximately 8NM we reach the uninhabited island of Poliegos. We enter the bay of Faros of Poliegos. There we can admire the famous and much photographed lighthouse of Poliegos built in 1898 at about 130 meters above sea level. We can swim in the bay and enjoy the turquoise waters, the big white stones in the sea bed and the beautiful colors of rocks and pebbles as well as the small lake that is attracting wild goats. 

We then head to the southern end of Poliegos and enter the bay Kalogeroi, the swimming there is simply amazing.

After approximately 2NM and heading northwest we shall arrive at the beach of Mirsini. Here, we can swim in the crystal clear and always calm waters and relax by enjoying the view of the island of Kimolos. We then cruise to northwest towards the port of Kimolos, also known as Psathi or Psatha. A stop there is recommended if we wish to enjoy a coffee or have lunch.   

We shall then depart the port of Kimolos and head northeast and we will head to other beaches of the island such as Goupa Kara, Agios Minas and Prassa which is considered as the most beautiful beach of Kimolos.