Best Beaches in Milos Greece: My Top 5!

Are you in Milos (or are you planning to visit the Greek island this summer) and want to know which are the top beaches to visit, swim, order food and drinks, participate in sea activities like water sports, or take a private boat cruise trip from Sifnos to Milos? Welcome to my personal preferences article about the best Milos beaches to enjoy your summer vacations. 

Milos has an incredible shoreline and features some of the best beaches in the Cycladic islands, they surely stand out for their unique natural and unsurpassed beauty and crystal-clear waters.

Because Milos is a volcanic island, the magnificent colors, and the amazing rock formations of its beaches, provide great places to spend a day at the sea, also there are small coves and so many caves on the island that you’ll love to explore.

Milos has hundreds of beaches, probably the most famous of all is Sarakiniko beach, a totally unique moonscape place with abrupt white rocks, it is considered among the most impressive beaches in the world.

Over the years, having done the round of Milos, tenths or even hundreds of times, this is my personal top 5 and it basically consists of beaches that you can only reach by boat (except Sarakiniko of course). Other amazing beaches and locations are Firopotamos, Tsigrado, Firiplaka, Triades, Papafragas, and many more.

#1 Beach in Milos – Sarakiniko

Sarakiniko beach got its name from the Saracen pirates, who used the caves and tunnels as a hiding place for themselves and their treasures. Sarakiniko is probably the most impressive beach and is surely considered to be Milos’s trademark!

Top beach in Milos - Sarakiniko
Best Beaches in Milos Greece: My Top 5!

Sarakiniko is among Greece’s and the world’s best beaches because has a unique geological profile that makes it one of the most impressive natural locations you will ever get to visit!

Sarakiniko is located northeast of the island. Incredible scenery with long, white, and smooth rocks with horizontal layers that create unique shapes around the shoreline. The erosion caused by the sea over time created small and big hollows that produce sounds when the waves go in and out.

These volcanic geological features shaped Sarakiniko, and over time, bizarre structures have grown from white ash deposits, taking on harmonious round shapes that look unreal, like a lunar landscape. Fossilized seashells that are over 1 million years old have been discovered on the rocks of Sarakiniko!

Top Milos beach - Sarakiniko
Best Beaches in Milos Greece: My Top 5!

The bright white color surely prevails, creating a perfect contrast with the deep blue and turquoise waters surrounding Sarakiniko. Swimming in the turquoise waters is a must and you will have the opportunity to find several spots as high as you dare, to jump right into the water from the rocks.

Sarakiniko is one of the best beaches in Milos
Enjoy Milos beach with A La Mer, during a full-day boat excursion

If you want to snorkel, this is the right place to do it. About 100m further southeast of Sarakiniko, you can free dive around the shipwreck of a tanker called “Africa”, which dates back to 2003 it is submerged, (in shallow up to 8m), for the most part.

Swipwreck Navagio in Sarakiniko beach Milos
Best Beaches in Milos Greece: My Top 5!

The best time of the day to visit Sarakiniko is the early morning and late afternoon since the white rocks reflect the sunlight thus making the area unpleasantly hot during midday.

#2 Beach in Milos – Kleftiko

Kleftiko beach is an impressive spot of rock formations.  Kleftiko is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular geological sights that nature has created. Many excursion boats make the tour of the island and pass by Kleftiko.

Kleftiko is one of the best beaches in Milos
Best Beaches in Milos Greece: My Top 5!

Kleftiko is in the southwestern corner of Milos Island and the best way to visit it and explore it is by boat. It can also be reached by foot from a hiking route.

At first glance, the place will certainly look familiar since it can be seen in all travel guides of the island. Impressive high rocks spring up from the sea, forming natural caves and rare geological phenomena. Kleftiko is also known as the “Meteora” of the sea.

Top Milos beach – Kleftiko
Best Beaches in Milos Greece: My Top 5!

Legend has it, that Kleftiko was once an infamous hiding place and anchorage for pirates. You will surely realize why when you visit the place. Pirates had hidden their treasure there, but it was never found! Kleftiko has numerous natural arches, and small beaches left and right, and the protective rocky ledges certainly provide very reliable protection both from pursuers and bad weather.

The water in Kleftiko beach, is crystal clear and everybody loves to swim and do snorkeling there, it’s like a dream, an unforgettable experience.

#3:  Gerakas Beach

Gerakas is an incredible spot, with rocky geological formations and huge sandy slopes that reach all the way up to the top of the surrounding hills.
It is located on the southern center side of Milos and can only be reached by boat.

Top Milos beach – Gerakas
Best Beaches in Milos Greece: My Top 5!

The sand consists of very fine pebbles, and everybody loves to go out on the beach and take a walk, with their feet sinking deep into this very soft sand, it also feels amazing laying on it.

The 360 degrees surrounding view is breathtaking, and the water is simply crystal clear and has the most vibrant shade of turquoise. Upon entering Gerakas bay with the boat, seeing the sea and the whole scenery you feel completely mesmerized. The best way to experience this jaw-dropping place is with your snorkeling gear!

#4: Gerontas Beach

Also located in the southwest of Milos just before Kleftiko, Gerontas is a pure jewel, unspoiled,  and a total hidden treasure with wild natural beauty. Its beautiful landscape is ideal for nature lovers!

Top Milos beach – Gerontas
Best Beaches in Milos Greece: My Top 5!

A unique and totally secluded beach, with unsurpassed beauty that enchants you together with its wonderful green waters and the ever so dark brown-dark grey sand.

The great rugged beauty of this scenery makes it a real delight for all senses. It is an impressive, small cove surrounded by high white cliffs, crystal clear blue waters, and fantastic caves that are waiting for you to explore them.

Best Milos beach – Gerontas
Best Beaches in Milos Greece: My Top 5!

Its main feature is the arch-shaped rock between the sea and the land on the right side of the beach and just behind it, there are a few tiny “personal type” beaches that just fit 2 people.

#5: Sikia Beach

The cave of Sikia, located on the west side of Milos further north from Kleftiko, is an astonishing natural monument. “Sikia” in Greek means Fig tree and it has been named after the fig tree which stands near the roof.

Best Milos beach – Sikia
Best Beaches in Milos Greece: My Top 5!

Sikia can only be reached by boat and is one of the biggest and most beautiful caves of Milos. A huge part of the roof has collapsed, probably due to an earthquake, creating an open round-top natural skylight, letting the sun rays illuminate the interior of the cave.

The turquoise color of the water is mirrored on the cave’s surrounding walls and is the reason why it is also known as the Emerald or Blue Cave.

Best Milos beaches – Sikia
Best Beaches in Milos Greece: My Top 5!

On the far-right end of the cave, there is a small, pebbled beach strip.

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