Sifnos South

A half day Tour of Sifnos, the island of poets and civilization

1 - 7

Tour Description

We exit the bay of Platis Gialos and head southwest. As soon as we leave the cape of Kontou, we see the first bay Fykiada where we can swim. To the left we see the small church of Agios Georgios. Once we leave Fykiada we will turn back east and after passing along of Platis Gialos we will reach the bay of Apokofto and Chryssopigi where we can visit the most famous monastery of Sifnos. The split rock is a characteristic feature of Chryssopigi where a strip of sea separates the bay from the land. Panagia Chryssopigi is the protector of the island and there is the famous festival (panigyri) 40 days after Easter.

After Chryssopigi we head east and we shall visit the bays of Faros and the three beaches of Fassolou, Faros and Glyfo. We will see the old mines and we can swim in each of these beaches. Then we head straight to Kastro (the castle). Kastro is the first capital of Sifnos, it is a place that was inhabited even during the prehistoric times. Kastro is built on a rock and the construction resembles that of a fortress hence the name. As we leave Kastro and the beach Seralia we head north and we reach the bay of Dialiskari with the monastery of Poulati right above it. We can swim in the crystal clear waters and visit the monastery before we head back.